Percona Live 2014 part 2


From Somarts Work MORE! #6 © erin o’neill 2014

Percona Live 2014 part 2.

I did a LOT of networking and missed some talks. But the highlights were: Ryan Lowe on R, Jeremy Cole on his a Journey to the core II (smartly I went to Peter Zaitsev’s Innodb architecture and performance optimization Tutorial), Benchmarking Databases for Scale (Percona), Performance Monitoring at Scale with Yoshinori, RDS with Laine Campbell of Blackbird, the Lightening talks were fun and my favorites were “What not to say to a DBA” by Gillian Gunson,  “Relay Log – the Unsung Hero” by Vishnu Rao (flipkart), Shlomi Noach’s Lightening talk (damn he is one funny dude!).

There were so many talks to go to and too much work. I missed ones I wanted to go to. I love this conference. Can’t wait for next year.


(ps no Booth Babes this year too!)



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